Sunday, June 29, 2008


Yesterday, for one reason or another, I ended up without ANY kids at home from 8am till after midnight. Wow! I can't remember when that has ever happened before, at least not since Sylvia has been born.

I briefly contemplated celebrating by cleaning or decluttering, but luckily my common sense and sanity kicked in and I decided to do some fun stuff instead.

I puttered around the house, played a game of go, studied some Korean, and then dragged my friend to the fitness center to lift weights. I even had a shower WITHOUT anyone knocking on the door 'Mama!!!! XXX is PURPOSELY annoying me!' You know, as opposed to when someone accidentally annoys her.

We had fun at the fitness center and then went geocaching. Our first geocache brought us where we shouldn't go and we got kicked out, including a fervently barking dog, and slightly annoyed Vermonter. My brilliant plan was to talk Dutch if anything like that happened, but it turns out that I forgot all my Dutch when it counted. I guess it's good that I am naturalizing.

Second cache was less exciting, but beautiful pond. The best find of the day was this farm stand with amazing flowers.

On the way up, we drooled but were on a mission. On the way back, we drove past, and I mentioned 'Today is my friend's birthday and I NEED to give her some of those.' flyingfisher happily U-turned the car, exclaiming 'Good, I had been looking for an excuse to stop here!'

We stopped and we oh-ed and we ah-ed and we bought cool hanging baskets and were amazed at the fact that this all was self service 'Just leave your money in the money box'. I love Vermont! And my friend ended up with this for her birthday.

Time for dinner with my friend at an Italian restaurant, and life was good.

Came home to indignant kittens 'NO ONE was around the whole day, WHAT were you thinking???? Couldn't you at least have called? We are hungry! And it rained!'

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It sounds like you had a wonderful day!