Friday, July 08, 2005

Isabella is out of Intensive Care!

She still isn't peeing or eating, but at least she is improving a tiny bit every day. She even laughed when watching a video yesterday. She even went out for a walk in a wheel chair, and enjoyed being outside again. Please keep sending positive energy her way.

Not much going on here, it's a quiet week this week before next week the daily swimming lessons are starting. We went to the fireworks on the Fourth, the kids always love that. I am less thrilled about sitting on a field, surrounded by too many bugs and people. Sylvia was very much in awe about the fireworks, not scared at all. She applauded when there was a particularly loud one.

Still gardening and playing go, have been geocaching a bit less lately. We have green tomatoes, can't wait for them to turn red!

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