Saturday, October 31, 1998

Halloween was Fun!

The kids were really glad that we were back in the States in time for this. When we had just come back, they saw Halloween costumes everywhere and of course immediately wanted to select some. Cees is the Red Power Space Ranger, Timmy is Spiderman. Tara and Jane both are Winnie the Pooh, their current favorite character.

We had a relaxed Halloween, we just went one block. That was more than enough for both the kids and the parents! :-) Jane insisted on walking a different direction from us the whole time and would be very indignant when we tried to correct her. Tara quickly caught on about the 'trick or treat' part. She had only one screaming fit, when somebody threw candy in her Halloween bucket and it was not the right kind of candy in her toddler opinion...Cees and Tim just enjoyed the, in their eyes, enormous amount of candy.

We let them splurge on it when we came home, and then it was off to bed!

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